How Does The Unlocking Company Dispel Phobia about Online Mobile Phone Unlocking Prevalent amongn Cell Phone Users?

A peculiar phobia prevails over mobile phone users. When it comes to unlocking their mobile phones locked to any specific carrier company, they pull back in fear of getting their handsets damaged. They dare not go against the terms and conditions of the contract made between them and their carrier companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. As a result, they find no other option than sticking to the same carrier’s service until the contract period gets over.

The Unlocking Company has come up with a solution for them. By using the solution, those mobile phone users who are being compelled to bear the burden of hefty and arbitrary call charges, and the disadvantage of swapping SIM cards or using local SIM cards due to the locking state of their handset with its specific carrier can unlock their cell phones- safely, securely, and legally.

Once you watch the video below, you’ll come to know how quickly, easily and safely anyone (who has no technical knowledge even) can unlock his cell phone. Although this video shows unlocking process of a Samsung mobile phone, similar process will also be applicable for all other cell phones regardless of their brands and whichever country they have been purchased from. Rest assured, it won’t invite any legal complications at all, for anyone from any country!

Watch this brief video to find out just how simple, safe, and secure this is to do. This brief video is great for beginners!

Video Guide for Samsung Mobile Unlocking

By now, you must have come to know an unlocked handset can offer much more benefits than a handset which is locked to a specific carrier. Among them, three benefits top on the rest. They are as follows:

  1. Switch across networks as per your choice.
  2. Use local SIM cards when traveling to avoid roaming charges.
  3. Raise resale value of your handset.

Apart from them, your mobile phone will no more be attached with any restrictions and service contract. Henceforth, your handset will perform like a GSM set, and swapping SIM cards will be allowable as many times as you please. What you need to keep in mind that swapping is possible between two similar network service providers, namely AT&T is replace with T-Mobile, not with Verizon.

Swapping SIM CardsiPhone5s

Swapping SIM Cards is a breeze!

A 24/7 live support will help you dispel any sort of doubt. The Unlocking Company offers it for its clients who include from all over the world! So far over 3 million cell phone unlocking service has been provided to all well-known and lesser-known mobile phones. The list of its satisfied clients is overzealously very long and unsurpassable, and it’s getting longer for its one-of-the-kind services as follows.

  • They provide you the unlock codes through 4-simple stages.
  • Their unlock codes are delivered on your email instantly.
  • They are absolutely 100% safe and secure.
  • Prompt customer support is provided in case any technical errors occur.
  • Service fees are the most competitive.
  • Unlock cell phones of any brands more quickly and safely than the service provided by your dealers.

I believe I have been able to dispel all of your fears about the online cell phone unlocking process. You are also most likely convinced of the fact that the online code generation task involves just a couple of clicks, which even a teen can smartly perform!


How to unlock cell phones through a remote service?

Online mobile phone unlocking service has become more streamlined, kick-ass, and interactive, thanks to the arrival of a popular 4-stage online unlocking service. This service is provided for all brands of mobile phones, locked to any specific network carrier company. To avail of this service, a few relevant information about the locked cell phone has to be entered into the specified boxes of a service provider’s website.

Let’s check the process and what you will be asked to follow to unlock cell phone.

Step One TUCFor instance, Apple Unlock Codes

Start the process by choosing the name of your phone manufacturer from the drop-down box. Then, choose your phone model name carefully from the drop-down box below the first dropdown. Now, click on the Get Unlocking Code button to proceed further.

Step Two TUCFor instance, HTC Unlock Codes

Now you have to enter a few relevant information and start the checkout process. Coming to this page, choose the name of the country you have purchased your cell phone from. Then, choose the name of the carrier company from the dropdown list as it is done in its preceding check box. Type in the exact IMEI which you can find either inside the phone body beneath the battery of the phone or by entering *#06# into your dialpad. Price for the service will be shown up automatically, and the tentative delivery time will also come up on the screen. Proceed to the final stage by clicking on the Get Unlocking Code button.

As you finish entering all relevant information, you will then be brought to the checkout page. Check it out here.

Pay TUCPayPal TUCExample of Checkout as final step to Mobile Phone Unlocking

You can pay the service fees via credit cards, debit cards, and also PayPal Express. All of these checkout channels are 100% safe and secure.

Upon receiving the payment from you, the mobile phone unlocking service provider initiates the process of generating phone unlock codes for you. Within a few minutes or less, you will receive an email with the phone unlock codes to your email address which needs to be sent to them through filling out the Billing Information form with all checkout details.

The whole process will take just a couple of minutes and that you can perform from anywhere of the world by having a web connection with you.

With unlocking your locked cell phone, a windfall of benefits will come off to you. Among them, three benefits are considered as striking.

  1. You can switch across any networks.
  2. Raise resale value of your handset.
  3. Save on call rates, especially during your international roaming.

To avail of this online mobile phone unlocking service, you needn’t to be a technological expert. What you have to keep in mind is you can swap SIM cards between specific platforms only. Namely, swapping SIM cards between a CDMA phone and another CDMA phone or between a GSM handset and another GSM handset is allowed.

How to unlock cell phones for free?

You can unlock your phone by using phone unlock codes. To get the unlock codes, you should have the correct IMEI number, which you can see inside the phone body and beneath the battery. You may also generate it by typing *#06# in to your phone. Upon getting it, send it to any remote service provider who offers online mobile phone unlocking service.

Here are the step-wise to-dos which you will need to follow while unlocking your locked cell phone online.

  •  Choose phone brand and model name.
  • Quote the country name you’ve purchased the phone from.
  • Quote the name of the carrier of your phone.
  • Write the IMEI number.
  • Pay through check or cards or PayPal service.

There are two important reasons why people would like to use unlocked cell phones. It gives them freedom to choose and switch across network carriers. It allows them to travel across countries with freedom to insert local SIM cards according to their choice, thereby enabling them to scuttle hefty international roaming charges and raise the resale value of their handsets.

More or less, all of the mobile phone users are well aware of the benefits of using locked cell phones. Usually, the phone unlock codes ought to be provided by the phone manufacturing companies or through the phone dealers. But, the irony is that both of them want you to retain. As a result, they take much longer time to give you the correct phone unlock codes, citing various internal administrative terms and conditions (which are insignificant actually and there’s no reason to magnify them) when they find you to be hell-bent to get your phone unlocked.

Most often, their customers like you tend to become out of patience for prolonging service. If you are well-aware of the mobile phone unlocking scenario, you must know that they are indeed bound to give you the free unlock codes at the end of a carrier contract period, if any. Unfortunately, they take your time to force you put off your decision to switch to other carrier network.

Ill-served by your present phone carrier, customers turn their focus on to the online mobile phone unlocking service providers. Coming here, they discover presence of hundreds of such service providers and each of them is claiming as the best and most reliable service provider. For the first-timers, this scene must be quite confusing.

In order to select the best mobile phone unlocking service provider, you have to search for one which has Trustwave validation and has been providing this service for over many years.

  • Check the profile of the service provider.
  • Explore the customers’ reviews about the service provider.
  • Check if the service provider provides unlock codes for all brands of mobile phone.
  • Enquire if they provide customer support round the clock.
  • Try to know whether the phone unlocking process is simple or not.
  • Make sure it is fully safe and secure.

One of such mobile phone unlocking service providers is The Unlocking Company, which you may select to unlock your mobile phone.

Why should you select The Unlocking Company?

  • Over 7 years of experience in mobile phone unlocking industry.
  • More than 3 million phones have already been unlocked so far!
  • Money back guarantee if any results contrary to as promised come up.
  • 24/7 Live customer support.
  • Lowest price guaranteed on every phone.
  • 100% safe and secure.

Check out a video here in which you could learn from an expert with The Unlocking Company as to how to unlock cell phones of a leading brand like Motorola.

Motorola Unlock Codes & Motorola Phone Unlocking Video Guidance

How to choose a reliable mobile phone unlocking company from hundreds

Many people are reported to have lost their an arm and a leg to unlock their cell phones. They are either made by their phone dealers to splurge on call plans or to wait till an irritating extent. Exhausted with their persistent request to not part with their carrier network, they usually tend bypass them and to approach cell phone unlocking companies, which are not directly associated with phone dealers. Nor with the manufacturers.

Online mobile phone unlocking companies have come as their replacement. Cell phone users whose handsets are locked and dissatisfied with the network and call costs’ charges can get them unlocked easily and on the fly! Charges of cell phone unlocking are also very minimum, especially when compared to the charges of the phone dealers. They provide post-sale services too without having you to visit their place unlike your handset dealers. Maybe, your requirement could be for locked Nokia unlock codes or Samsung mobile phone unlocking codes, or for any well-known or little known brands, you will find them fast and conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Despite the fact of their easy available in profuse, identifying with a reliable mobile phone unlocking service provider can be a real challenge. However, the following features being present in a service provider would ensure of its reliability.

  1. The more the years of experience, the better.
  2. Check how many millions of handsets of various cell phone brands have so far been unlocked.
  3. See if it provides unlock codes for all leading cell phone brands.
  4. Look out if it has Trustwave validation.

 4 Easy steps to unlock cell phone online

Apart from these common service features, whoever is looking for a reliable mobile phone unlocking company on the web, should check out whether the unlocking process links a long string.

Why should you try out easy and shorter option than stringed unlocking option? A no-string-attached mobile phone unlocking option completes the unlocking process faster and safely. Planned simple, a string-less unlocking process asks for no technical knowledge and entails no complications. Even a non-technical geek can unlock his/her locked phone.

Is it necessary to unlock a cell phone? What if your cell phone is a CDMA handset? Unlocking a locked cell phone is never necessary until you feel the heat of higher call charges, especially during international roaming. Often, a locked cell phone user remain as deprived of cheap call rates for internet use and call charges even in the US. When it comes to unlocking a CDMA cell phone, its users will be able to choose either Verizon or Sprint as carrier. However, it depends on whether it is a SIM based cell phone or not. If not, it has to walk between these two carriers unlike a SIM based handsets of any brands.

What benefits does a reliable mobile phone unlocking service open for you? To understand the floodgate of benefits you must enjoy by unlocking your cell phone, you have to watch the following video showing how to unlock a cell phone. Although it is showing a Motorola cell phone being unlocked, the process is absolutely applicable for cell phones of other brands including Apple, Dell, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Palm, Sony Ericsson, etc.

By having your cell phone unlocked, you swap SIM card as often as you please as if turning your handset as a universal handset, raise its resale value, and definitely cut down your international calling or roaming charges. In order to ensure you get round the clock service, choose a reliable mobile phone unlocking company.

How to unlock a locked mobile phone? Is it necessary?

Majority of mobile phone users in North America use their mobile phones on contract. As a result, they are locked to a particular cellular carrier and allowed to use that particular network. Confined to a carrier company, they can’t switch to another network. So, doesn’t it seem to be a handicapping state for mobile phone users?

Being locked to a particular carrier, they are deprived of many advantages, such as flexibility in choosing carrier or SIM cards which offer reduced call rates during international roaming. Hasn’t there any way to get rid of this binding? By unlocking your cell phone, you can manage selection of carrier yourself for your cell phone. Phone unlocking is now absolutely legal in the US and many other countries, as long as you don’t have a special contract with the carrier company. Now, carrier companies are absolutely bound to allow their users switch from their network to any other of their users’ choice. Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 (H.R. 1892) permits phone unlocking as absolutely a legal act. So, mobile phone unlocking is different from jail-breaking and rooting. It involves no application of restricted software on your mobile phone devices.

Does unlocking make phones absolutely carrier portable? The answer to this question is that phones will not be able to work on another carrier network even after they are unlocked. For instance, AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM wireless standard. Verizon and Sprint use the CDMA wireless standard. Bear in mind that they are incompatible with each other. It means that by unlocking a CDMA cell phone, you can’t use GSM carriers like AT&T on your cell phone and vice versa.

CDMA is also a more restrictive sort of network platform. A Verizon locked cell phone unlocking does not permit the phone porting to Sprint network. But, porting a cell phone from T-Mobile to AT&T carrier is allowable after having a phone unlocked. This is the reason people tend to purchase the less-restrictive GSM based phones. So, it is prerogative on your part to check if  your phone will actually be capable of functioning on any carrier network prior to mobile phone unlocking.

So why will people go for mobile phone unlocking option? As long as carrier portability option is there, people will go for it. Not only this allows you to switch carriers as per your choice, you can also raise the resale value of your phone. With having your phone unlocked, you can choose cheaper carrier company while roaming outside your country from among many.

You could be still doubtful about mobile phone unlocking. Before the advent of the Unlocking Technology Act of 2013, it had been quite a difficult option and complex too. Now, it has said clearly that unlocking is absolutely legal and your right. Carrier companies and handset manufacturers have to respect this right. Unless you have any stringent binding with a carrier company, you can part with carrier network anytime, even without having to ask for mobile phone unlock codes from your carrier or handset dealers.

Be sure that freedom to choose mobile phone carriers gives you many advantages. Make sure that you have knowledge about GSM and CDMA platforms and service providers of them. Talk to an expert of The Unlocking Company and watch a video which explains the benefits of mobile phone unlocking and how to unlock a cell phone.

When phone is yours, carrier choice should also be yours: Unlock your locked mobile phone via 4-simple mobile phone unlocking ways

The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 (H.R. 1892) has raised the bar on breaking any carrier contract, which so long kept you bound to stay on a specified network bundled with your handset. The condition of the phone users had been so far as if they were using rented handsets while the reality was not like that. Now, they can let off the hook – in simple ways and safely.

Mobile phone unlocking service involves a few simple tasks and it can be done online on the fly. Compared to the service fees and time required by handset dealers, those provided by the online service providers are much cheaper and shorter. Service security level and after-sale service satisfaction level are comparatively much higher. Inquire of the views of the mobile phone users who asked for unlock codes from their handset dealers or carrier companies once; you will learn how they insisted them to stay with their services. When users parried their requests gently, they had to even face a little bit of harassment as carrier companies dilly-dallied the mobile phone unlocking process.

Now, you are free to determine when you want to unlock cell phone and which carrier company you will subscribe to. The advantage of using an unlocked cell phone is that you get the flexibility of changing SIM Card anytime and anywhere while using the same mobile phone. This allows you to use SIM card of the country you are traveling  presently on temporary basis, thereby lowering your international roaming costs significantly. Had you been using the bundled carrier network services, your purse might have been scorched.

I was checking a report recently about students’ plights while studying abroad. It shows that there are various reasons why costs of studying abroad are soaring high. Among various reasons, the reason of using handset-bundled carrier network seemed to be the tallest devil. Should they get to unlock their cell phone, they would forget to complain about their phone bills. They would be able to use any SIM card then of the country they are presently in.

In order to unlock mobile phone, users don’t require visiting carrier’s place either. They can do it online via 4-simple mobile phone unlocking ways.

  1.  First, they need to choose the make-and-model of their mobile phone.
  2. Then, they need to enter the IMEI number (which can be learnt via typing in *#06# on the dial pad) and the country where from the handset has been purchased.
  3. Pay the service fee via credit card or PayPal service.
  4. Receive the Unlock codes on your email and enter them into your phone to unlock it.

4 Easy steps to unlock cell phone online Within a few moment or all at once, you will receive a message saying your phone has been unlocked. As soon as it is unlocked, flood of flexibilities would begin to come in.

Any mobile phone of any brand can be unlocked. Mention properly the brand and model name and the country name of purchase. For example, to generate Samsung unlock codes, enter the Samsung as brand and proper model and country name of purchase. However, any wrong entry would not work on unlocking the phone and should any software related damage occur due to entry of right unlock codes, phone users will get all assistance and services. Check out the video which will guide to unlock a Samsung handset and other too.

Unlock AT&T Embedded iPhone5 by Generating Unlock Codes Online

iPhone5 has been launched with a much fanfare and a worldwide attention. Fans swooped on it madly, especially for one-of-the-kind features which can be found on iPhone 5S as “Touch ID.” This feature allows users operate iPhone5S with any bodily extremities, besides fingers. From nose to toes, or to other bodily parts can be used to work on it, benefiting iPhone 5S users work on it in all way under any conditions!




Till date, fingerprint sensor has been the order of use for all, but at it, Apple has brought an innovative and revolutionary way of using the device to secure an iPhone. In addition, the issue of unlocking AT&T clustered with iPhone5S has been relegated, quashing away the traditional process which involves filling out an online form on AT&T’s website, sending a fax to AT&T and waiting with bated breath for five to seven days to restore your phone workable on other carrier and abroad.

With the launch of iPhone5S, these obligations have been relaxed completely. Just restore the phone in iTunes and get it as unlocked. However, many users opine of this process negatively, even in the backdrop of voluntary technical support from AT&T on-the-request. Previously existed contract issues are still extant, keeping the mobile phone unlocking process as a real challenge. If they are really disappointing you, don’t get disappointed at all. You can unlock your cell phone safely, quickly and without having to wait for a long time at someone’s mercy.

Just choose the Trustwave trusted mobile phone unlocking company, The Unlocking Company, and go around its online store to find out the related services and guarantee it offers to its customers even after the task of unlocking is over. Receiving the unlock codes and unlocking any phone of any brands bundled with any carrier are just a cakewalk. The process is much simpler, quicker and safer.

  • First, choose the “model and make” from the dropdown menu.
  • Then, send your IMEI number and make the payment.
  • You will receive unlock codes on your email.

Unlocking cell phone is now a child’s play, anyone can perform. Even if any issue occurs after the entry of the codes, technical support will be provided to you. However, the chances are zero!

On the contrary, after receiving the message of “iPhone unlocked” from AT&T, you’ll most likely face a bizarre challenge. Cut the micro-SIM card into the shape of a nano-SIM by measuring the AT&T SIM card which was already in the iPhone5S. The most difficult part you will likely face while making the SIM card narrower so that you can close the tiny nano-SIM card tray.

By taking unlocking service from The Unlocking Company, you don’t have to worry about whether you will get instant mobile phone unlocking service or not. In couple of seconds as you’ve entered the unlock codes, the iPhone will be able to pick up network of any other carriers, and calls and EDGE data connectivity worked as you’ve desired.